Welcome to the WorkLite. The WorkLite POS service is a B2B agency portal to allow authorised users access services via a mobile "emulator" while on-the-go.


The WorkLite POS service is intended for use by authorised agents. To request access to the service, please contact your account manager. Once authorised, agents can log-in using the standard EPR, PCC, agent sine combination.

(NB: If your mobile browser offers "remember my password" type functionality, you may wish to consider disabling this option when accessing the Mobile POS service. The security of any "remember my password" capabilities are dependent on your phone’s physical security, password and locking protection, and should therefore be used with caution. Please see the WorkLite POS Terms and Conditions page for a reminder on ensuring the security of Agent ID and/or passwords.)


The WorkLite POS emulator supports entry of "special characters" using the keyboard replacements listed below. To enter:

The replacement characters will not be transformed automatically when typed, but will be substituted for their special character equivalents on submission of the command to the host system.

If your device supports JavaScript additional command buttons will be visible on the command bar. Clicking on these buttons will insert the actual special characters into the input field. If you do not see the buttons ensure that you have JavaScript enabled on your device.